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Rachel – Portraits!

Well it feels like forever since I’ve taken pictures, let alone blogged anything. It’s been an extremely busy few months since shooting a couple of weddings around Christmas. Ben and I have been having some major construction done on the little starter home we bought a few years ago, so we’ve been living between a basement and now our best friends’ house. Between my real job, the construction, and all the other happenings of life, I’ve had just enough time to do some editing and that’s it. But, with spring right around the corner and life getting ALMOST back to normal, I’ve got a spring in my step and an urge to get back to booking some sessions (especially since I haven’t had an “official” shoot since I switched all of my equipment over to Canon…a post about that coming soon). And what better way to get back into the shooting mood than with a fun portrait session with my beautiful, cute, friend Rachel! As you’ll see from a sneak peek of some of the shots we took, she’s completely adorable and absolutely cannot take a bad picture. Rachel needed some shots for some nursing scholarships she is applying for, and just wanted some fun pictures. Thanks to this amazing (haha…not) weather we’ve been having, we got to spend some time in a random March snowfall. Anyways, enough of my jibber-jabbering and a little more of the one and only, Miss Rachel. Enjoy!



P.S. If you have any interest for a fun spring-y portrait, family, or engagement session, or you’re sitting there thinking I JUST WANT SOME BEAUTIFUL PICTURES!, then get in touch with me and we’ll set something up. I’m excited about what this new year’s got in store, and what better time than spring!



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