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I really can’t say how much I love love LOVE this location. When Heather and Jon contacted me and said that they wanted photos for their daughter Ginny’s first birthday, we started brainstorming location ideas. I usually try to schedule my sessions about an hour before sunset when the lighting is best, but New Jersey winters aren’t very warm for little babies, so we settled on a Christmas Tree farm because we could plan the session for earlier in the day (sunlight = warm-ish!), and still have lots of shady areas (thank you, tall Christmas Trees!). Once we decided on the type of location, I started on the search for the perfect farm. Good for me, there is a farm named “Perfect Christmas Tree Farm,” and my goodness, it is absolutely perfect. Enjoy some of my favorite photos from the Guirguis’ family session!

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I know I probably say this in every single newborn session that I blog, but there seriously isn’t anything better than a brand new baby. The smell, the tiny wrinkles, the itty bitty toes… sigh. So so good. Meet little James, and his parents Allyson and Jim. He came a little early (December 16th) — and we were able to sneak in a cozy session at home right before Christmas! During the session, I referenced my best friend who was due with her first on Christmas a few times. When I got home and posted James’ sneak peek on Instagram, we figured out that Allyson’s sister is the best friend of my best friend’s sister! Confusing, but amazing! What a small world! Anyway, without further ado, baby James.


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2014. What a year. This year, business-wise, blew me away – in a good way, and in a tough way.

This year, I became a mom. My daughter, Ella, was born in March. My world became all about rolling over, baby food, and diaper rashes. I quit my per diem nursing job at a long term acute care center, and switched from full time to per diem at my job of 4 years at The Valley Hospital. Our little family went on a few trips: we drove to North Carolina, flew to California with my extended family, then out to Chicago, and spent a weekend in Saratoga with our best friends. Also, this year, I photographed 48 sessions. Fourty-eight! To compare, last year I shot 10. While this completely excited me, it also was incredibly overwhelming. I sat down and made a list of things that are important to me for the coming year. Things like going on a date once a month with Ben, driving down to South Plainfield so Ella can spend time with her Gigi and Great-Gram, and going on play dates without feeling guilty about visiting with friends instead of being at home editing.

So, all that to say, changes had to be made for 2015. All of the Carapezza birthdays occur during the winter months, as well as Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years Day, and I’ve realized that I really need to focus on my little family as much as I can during that time especially. I will be blocking off specific dates each month (between April 4 and October 24) for sessions so I can wisely and efficiently use my time. I absolutely LOVE creating relationships with my clients, and capturing families as they grow and change, and am excited for what 2015 will bring!

Please check out the new FAQ tab for additional new information! And enjoy all these happy smiling faces that I had the amazing privilege of capturing this year!


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On November 22, 2014, Lindsay + Chris got hitched! It was an intimate cozy dinner party, where they were surrounded by family and friends. When Lindsay and I first met to chat about the wedding, she mentioned a couple times that it would be a really low key day. She mentioned that she didn’t really want to put on a “wedding dress,” but seriously, friends, look how stunning she is! I’m so glad she did! From her daughter’s sparkly dress, to the funny cake topper, to their hilarious friends, and loving family, it was a beautiful night. Congratulations, Lindsay and Chris!



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